Ep 93 : Mother’s Mercy ( Season 5, Ep 10 )

Here we are, and now Season 5’s watch has ended.  The finale evoked lots of emotions and theory crafting. Starting with Stannis, not only did he lose his daughter, and then his wife, half his company and horses, who thought we would see his end at the hands of Brianne? Did Melisandre use Stannis just to get to Jon Snow.  At Winterfell, Miranda catches
Sansa trying to leave, but Theon breaks away from his Reek side and becomes Theon long enough to save Sansa and try to escape the nightmare they are both in.  But the question arises, where will they go? Was Dorne a let down, especially for book readers? Somehow everyone seems to know about Jamie and Cersei.  Marcella receives the kiss of death, will they be turning that boat round?  Did Meryn Trant receive his just end and will Aryia ever be able to break from herself and become “no one.”  That life was not hers to take, and so she must be punished.  Across the narrow sea, at Mareen, they prepare to find the Mother of Dragons.  With Tyrion at the head, along with Missandei and Grey Worm, the fate of Mareen rests in their hands for the time being.  Who would of thought that Varys’s timing couldn’t be any better? What will happen to Dany now with the Dothraki? Will they take her in or kill her? Some thought this would never come, but here we have it, shame, shame, we have Cersei's walk of Shame.   Many people who did not feel partial to Cersei before, felt for he now.  Despite who she was or what she did, was it really needed, especially that long and far.  One of the most talked about, and theory crafted scene, the death of Jon Snow.   I he really dead, will be be raised from the dead by the Knight’s King or Melisandre?   Or...is he just gone for good? We wrap it up with final thoughts and ratings, will you be surprised or will you agree on what we thought?


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