Ep 85: Sons of the Harpy ( Season 5, Ep 04 )

Out of all the episodes so far this season, this has probably been the one with the most mixed reviews.  We see more from Jorah and Tyrion, as Tyrion shows Jorah that he know who he is and Jorah quiets him.  Jamie and Bron are on their way to Dorne,  and not even a whole day there on land, they run into trouble.  This is only the beginning of the action.  The Faith Militant are out in force judging the people of King’s Landing.  They take Lorace into custody and Margery is not happy.  However, Tommin in unable to get her brother freed.  Will we see Lady Olenna again?  Melisandre confronts Jon Snow, but he somehow manages to resist her in all her glory.  She leaves him with something to think about.  Stannis shows that not only is he a stone-cold king, he is a father who care for his daughter.  Sansa and Baelish have a moment in the crypts, where he eludes to the possibility of that theory, L+ R=J.  He gives her a kiss before he departs to King's Landing at Cersei’s request.  We get to see what so many people have been waiting for, the Sand Snakes!! Finally, a very emotional  scene ends season 5 ep 5.  Greyworn and Barristan Selmy fight back to back, leaving some in tears, some in rage, and others on the edge of their seats wanting more.    


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