Ep 87: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken ( Season 5, Ep 06 )

Some feedback asks the panel a hard question right away, are the books worth reading if you love the show or should you Wiki the information? Going into the details of the show, we discuss Arya and the house of black and white, is it going to slow? Is there anything to be held in Arya’s time with Jaqen H'ghar besides washing dead bodies and floors?
Jorah and Tyrion’s journey brings them into deep conversation and then into sketchy hands.  Petyr Baelish returns to King’s Landing for a meeting with Cersei. It is in this talks where he reveals some interesting details that make us further question his loyalties and motives.  
The Sand Snakes plot to kidnap princess Marcella and are thwarted by Jaime, and the king’s men of Dorne. Lady Olenna and Cersei have a sit down over Ser Loris and Faith Militant inquiry.  After many threats between the two, we find that the the inquiry has gone awry and leaves us infuriated and asking what could be next besides a formal trial. Sansa's wedding to Ramsay began with Sansa putting her foot down and holding her ground with Miranda, then moved into the lackluster wedding in front of the godswood but the worst was left for last as the final season leaves us with mixed emotions.



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