Ep 86: Kill the Boy ( Season 5, Ep 05 )

Going over some feedback we go over what has been looked over or passed on the quest for a fifth season of Game of Thrones.  We are asked the question could Jaime ever really kill Tyrion for the crime of killing his father?  We are also asked if Aegon could ever make an appearance on the show and the answer could shock you. We then delve into the depths of this interesting episode. After the fight in the alley we find Barristan being mourned by Daenerys. We then find the mad queen within Daenerys as she rounds up the great leaders of the families of Meeren and has the dragons eat one for intimidation. A deal is made between the free folk and the knight’s watch. Pod and Brienne stir the call upon the northerners to rise for Sansa if needed. Sansa meets Theon and we see something in his eyes and reaction that leads us to think he may not be all brainwashed. In a conversation between Stannis and Sam we see a foreshadowing of what is to come and a possible way to stop the White Walkers. Stannis then begins his march down to Winterfell with Melisandre and Family in tow. Daenerys could be re opening the fighting pits in Meeren what could this mean and will this bring peace? We finally see the ruins of Valyria in all its post doom destruction and finally see the stone men and even a Drogon! And as we end the episode we are given the glimpse of Jorah having the beginning of grayscale, what does this mean for his future and will he ever reach Daenerys or die trying?




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