Ep 80: Gearing up for Season 5 (Spoilers)

The results are in, and Arya won the challenge between her and Meera Reed.  Could the Water Dancer be a Faceless Man?  We have a new General, #Thronies! Sam! Our episode on Melisandre's visions was a hit, and we hear a prediction about her visions from Tessa!  Will Jon be killed then brought back, or just killed?  Could they kill off a character that seems like a main character?  Is it true that Oberyn let himself be killed to further his ultimate goals?  The Dream Creeper seemed to be a hit, do we want an encore?  Did Ned tell Howland Reed the "big secret” or did he just happen to witness the big event?  Would you be disappointed if  we never find out the truth about who Jon Snow’s parents really are? Our newest General, Sam, poses this question: why do you think people are obsessed with Game of Thrones?  In preparation for season 5, Ashley gives you a synopsis of Season 4.  Then we talk about some of the most key or memorable characters, 11 season 4 deaths, and 11 current characters and where we left them.  General John closes us out with a summary of where the Starks are.



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