Ep 84: The High Sparrow (Season 5, Ep 03)

Tonight’s episode is all about progression and separation. We finally see the true differences between the books and the show's script. Margaery married Tommen, and they consummated their marriage! Margaery also challenges Cersei and her role within the royal inner circle. The High Septon gets his butt smacked by the Sparrows, which leads us to meet the High Sparrow and reveal further knowledge of their ways and views. Jon Snow beheads his way to popularity among the Night's Watch, and even Stannis notices.  Darth Sansa is set to marry the psycho that is Ramsay Bolton. Could this be a line- up for revenge and murder with Darth Baelish to win the North?! Across the Narrow Sea, Tyrion gets kidnapped by Jorah Mormont, all because he had to leave the “box on wheels”. Where this will go? We can only wonder and hope to find out in the week(s) to come.  Arya and the House of Black and White reveals many faceless things which makes us question her dedication and future with the Faceless Men and Jaqen H’ghar. Brienne and Pod bond and team up together, and Brienne will train him to fight and ride like a true bad- ass. What could they be up to in the coming episodes? We can only speculate.



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