Ep 83: The House of Black and White (Season 5, Ep 02)

Spoilers!!  Who would win, Khal Drogo or the Mountain? We talk about the scene where they took down the Harpy idol; with this comes the uprising of the Sons of the Harpy. Who is looking forward to seeing more plots between Darth Baelish and Darth Sansa? It is no surprise that the two dragons that were chained up hate Dany, but seeing Drogon was an awesome sight. Maggy was a sight, and not what people who read the book expected to see, but this was a good thing. When Dany carried out the beheading, who knew that hissing could be so terrifying? Has she lost the love of her people?  Jon Snow wins the vote, and is now Lord Commander.  Who saw that coming, and do you think he deserved it?  Sam’s speech for Jon was moving.  Would you turn down the offer for Winterfell and finally getting your family's name?  Arya makes it to Braavos and to the House of Black and White. Jaqen H'ghar is back! Is he going to be training Arya? Jaime and Bronn are heading to Dorne. We get to see the Water Gardens; will we get to see war brought on by the snakes?  Could it be that Sansa is the beauty to take over and usurp Cersei’s position? We watch the shenanigans with the Small Council, a lot of the hosts were excited to see Cersei getting put in her place.

Was anyone else surprised by the scene with Brienne, Sansa, and Baelish?  Brienne is going to follow Sansa; is this a good or bad idea? Stay tuned for a bonus section of the podcast - we ended the podcast with some feedback from the last show.    


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