Ep 76: Daenerys, Her Visions, & the House of the Undying (Spoilers)

This episode is rich with spoilers, you have been warned! Starting off with some great feedback from our #Thronies, we take a look at whether the books should come before the television show and why it matters. Did G.R.R.M. hold back on the Winds of Winter on purpose? Did the Purple Wedding chapter in the books cause us all to get super hungry and gain weight? Who won the last Snark-off? Who will win this week's Snark-off between Catelyn Stark, Dany, and Melisandre? What is the House of the Undying? We also go over Dany's visions and what they could mean, as well as what secrets they might hold for the past, present, and future. Let's just say there is a whole lot of info and speculation, and even more dragons!

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