Ep 78: Melisandre's Visions in the Flames (Spoilers)

The great debate on who will be on the chopping block continues.  Will it be Arya Stark, Bran, Jaime, or Brienne?  Will Jaime’s story continue with the eventual causing Cersei's death, or even killing her himself? Could it be that Jaime and Sansa have bigger roles in the HBO series compared to the books?  We are beginning to get into uncharted territory when it comes to the books versus the HBO series, and the general consensus among hosts is that this is good, and it could be an exciting thing.  Would you agree? Trish seems to be the only one among hosts that thinks Joffrey is worse than Ramsay.  Theories continue with Melisandre healing Jon Snow, with  more mention of the Jon and Dany theory.  Are blood magic and the Lord of Light tied together? What is going to happen to Gendry? Will we find him still rowing his boat, or does he disappear completely?   Did you notice Obara’s breast plate? What’s with the nipples?  Are you excited about the Sand Snakes? When it comes to  Melisandre's visions, how clear are they and is she interpreting them correctly?  Some of these visions include Renly’s Death, Lightbringer, Azor Ahai, False Kings, Girl in Grey, and Patch Face.  Here is another theory for you, could Melisandre's parents be Shiera and Bloodraven?  Is there an ice dragon below The Wall?  When will we see the horn blown and The Wall fall?  In Game of Thrones news, there was a bomb plot foiled on the set, Maisie Williams is set to act in the Last of Us movie, and is anyone up for Game of Thrones Monopoly? Have you played the Telltale Game of Thrones game?  We take a look at the original plans for Game of Thrones and talk about how different it is from how it is now. There will be a 3-day Game of Thrones banquet, are you ready to eat some pigeon pie? We end the show with General Jonathan's Top Ten WTF Game of Thrones Moments.

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