Ep 77: Feedback (Spoilers)

Feedback is one of our favorite things to go over on this podcast! We love all the different perspectives, theories, and corrections. We feel it helps to connect with our community, and want you to have a voice to share your thoughts and opinions. This episode covered so many different topics and your ideas, such as, "Will Dany lose her mind like daddy dearest"? We share another epic rendition of the HBO series Game of Thrones theme song that was done with glass bottles, pans and other household items. How would we like to see Walder Frey meet his end? Some undisclosed actor is concerned about his/her death and his/her short role this series. Who could it be? Feedback has the magic to spark new ideas and questions, for instance, who is worse, King Joffrey or Ramsay Snow? Will there be more than 7 seasons of the Game of Thrones? HBO Now has been announced, and it will be available before season 5 starts. Speaking of which, the team is super excited for the next season!




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Great Game of Thrones intro done with bottles, pans, and pots, by Dan Newbie:http://youtu.be/_gWc17vhSAE

Detailed dissection of Dany's character arc:   


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