Ep 73: Feedback & Martell’s Plan

We read some reports that the Winds of Winter will not hit bookshelves in 2015. Will that ruin the flow of the Game of Thrones show? First episode of Game of Thrones has been announced for April 12, 2015. Some of us are really excited to see the TV series catch up with the books. With the TV series catching and surpassing the books, what does that mean for the show's ending? Will we get a cliffhanger ending, or will we get some closure? Keep in mind at last year's Comic Con, G.R.R.M. said the book is the book, and the show is the show. We hit some feedback that contains spoilers, and we touched on the Martell Master Plan. Chris, being sick and medicated, got totally confused. 

Martell’s Master Plan video:

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