Ep 72: Jon Snow (Spoilers)

Tonight's show focused on Jon Snow. Starting with some awesome feedback, we delved into the theories, foreshadowing, and other aspects surrounding Jon Snow. We first go into Daenerys' visions in the House of the Undying. Next, we listen and decode Melisandre’s haunting visions of Jon at The Wall and the dangers to come for him. Lastly, we talk about Bran’s visions of Jon, and how he might or might not really be dead. All of these prophetic visions lead us into the discussion of who Jon Snow really is, what role is he to play, and where his character is headed in the upcoming novels. Could he really be Rhaegar Targaryen's son, and therefore the true Azor Ahai? Or is he still bound for great things unrelated to the prophecy at all? You can decide with the information we supply in tonight's theory-filled episode.