Ep 71: The Wall Divided (Spoilers)

In coming back from our holiday break, we start with some great discussions that are full of spoilers, but are inspired from our Generals' feedback. We talk about Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and our humble opinions as to their futures from where we last had seen them within the books. We also pose a question about the character Syrio Forel - is he alive, like Elvis, or dead as a doornail? We also discuss whether we get connected to characters because we have read about them or seen them on television, or is it something else that drives us to love them enough to theory-craft around them? With all the great feedback we have received, we decided to dig deeper into the theories our community has shared with us. This episode is a bit shorter than our usual episodes, but fear not Thronies, it is still jam-packed with all the talk of Thrones you love!