Ep 60: George R.R. Martin says F.U.

As the TV series gradually approaches where the book series had stopped, there are things to consider. Some fans are worried if G.R.R.M. has the ability to finish the series in the first place. Listen to what he had to say about that, and our reactions. Do you think that the TV series is, or will, taint or spoil a person's view of the books? There look to be 5 new directors for season 5. According to the numbers, Game of Thrones is the top pirated TV series. How do you get your Game of Thrones? Do you use streaming, DVD’s, or HBO Go?
Warning! Spoilers section starts around the half way point of the show. Don't worry; we give audible warning in the podcast!!! We talk betrayal, weddings, love, death, and more! 

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