Ep 27: EA EA Oh

We are constantly trying to bring you great video game sales of the week and this week we did not fail to deliver. Do you have Club Nintendo coins? We have a list of the upcoming digital rewards for August’s Club Nintendo. Love Bayonetta? Well, what if we told you there will be a blu-ray anime film released by FUNanimation? Would you buy it? To continue with the Bayonetta 2 hype train, we give you details on Bayonetta 2’s multiplayer modes. Nintendo has announced that there will be a new villain coming to the new Legend of Zelda game on the Wii U. Xbox One will have a special skin featuring the popular HBO hit Game of Thrones. Microsoft’s Xbox One sells really well in the UK. EA is coming out with a $5 subscription for the Xbox One. Find out what we think of the subscription and if it’s coming to the Wii U or PS4.  

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