Ep 25: Dota 2 Tourney - Destiny Beta

Gaming sales gaming sales everywhere this episode, you definitely need to act fast on these deals. Best Buy is offering a buy one 3DS game get one free deal, it probably won't last long. We talked about some games we have been playing this week, and that we started streaming again on our twitch page, twitch.tv/totalnerdtakeover. Wanna be a General in our Nerd Army? We explain how. Did you know there was a record for fasted play through for metroid and Zelda Ocarina of time? Well there is, and the last record has been beaten. How cool would it be to get a Zelda shirt with a 3DS bundle or a Wii U bundle? Well unless you live in the UK or know someone willing to send theirs to you, then you're out of luck. 

Don’t forget to contact us for a free Destiny beta key ( Thank you Nate ) 

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