Ep 15: Parents are Saying, Video Games are Good

Happy Birthday to the PlayStation Vita, and to celebrate, there is a sale in the Playstation Store. The crew has been streaming on Twitch, Chris played some Deadpool, Trish played Order 1886, and Nate played some Destiny and Battlefield.  
March is right around the corner, and with it the launch of more DLC and games. Will Rockband and Guitar Hero make a comeback? Then the questions is, will you be able to stream them? Are heists for Grand Theft Auto finally coming out? We have only been waiting for that DLC for 2 years. Nate reviewed Evolve on the last show, but has it retained its players? Can you believe it, Club Nintendo is going bye bye, better cash in those tokens while you can! We lost an amazing, Leonard Nimoy. Most know him as Spock, Live long and prosper. Trish gives her review on Order 1886. Does game length matter to you, and what is the perfect length for a game?

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