Privacy Policy

We here at Total Nerd Takeover value and respect your Privacy.  Please read the information below and contact us for questions or further information.  This information is subject to change without notice, and will be done so only if necassary.  

I. Selling, Giving or Sharing of Information

We here at Total Nerd Takeover do not sell, share or distribute any personal information given to us.  When and if we use mailing lists your personal data will never be shared or sold to our advertisers or sponsers. However we are  not responsible for the company used to supply the service. None of the forms or polls on our pages require a name, password, or any other personal information.  If you send us an email,  we will respond accordingly but will not share your email address with any of our sponsers or advertisers.

II. Analytical Data

All analitical data is collectected  and soley used to better serve our audiance, and to show our advertisers and sponsers that we are worth investing in (we may use our demograpic data for advertising but never single out individuals ).  

III. Feedback and Social Media

      A. General

We like to mention our feedback on our podcasts and we try to use only  first names,  gamer and or alias's  on the show. If you do not want us to mention your feedback, let us know and it will be for our eyes only. 

      B. Voicemail

If you send us voice mail, please only say what you wish to share. Other then playing your feed back on our show and a name as stated above,  we share none of your information. However we are not responsible for the service we use (Speakpipe- and there policies.

      C. Twitter

If you send us a tweet relating to feedback for one of our shows, we will read it along with your twitter name on our show but will not sell or give away your info and we will not spam you with adds.  If you tweet us for general conversation, we will respond in an appropriate manner and ask that you do the same. You use Twitter at your own risk ( and we are not responsible for anything related to their service.

      D. Facebook

If you post on our facebook, we will read your message.  If your message partains to one of our shows, we will read your name, as mentioned above, on our show and your comment.  We do not sell this info to our sponsers or our adverisers. However we cannot speak for how facebook handles this info (

IV. Podcasting 

Our podcasts are currently provided to you at no cost.  The way in which you access our podcasts are by your choice, such as Hipcast, iTunes, Sticher, Double Twist, Micro Guide, Zune and other podcast sindications.  They handle subscription information themselves and we have no control on how they handle or what they do with your infrormantion.  Please see that provider for more information.  If you are having problems with directly downloading from our website, please contact us as soon as possible.

V. RSS Feeds

  Our RSS links are done through Feedburner, a service provided by Google (  This is used to update our shows on the syndicates where our shows can be found as well as keeping you up to date with our current info and shows should you choose subscribe.  The information collected for email and RSS feeds subscriptions is done through FeedBurner and the podcasting sydicates you choose.  Please see that provider and their privacy policy in relation to the app or device you use to stream or receive our podcasts. We are not responsible for what they do with this information they collect.  We do not collect the information.  The only information we can view is the email subscribers e-mail addresses, and we do not use this information for any purpose and do not collect or sell your information to anyone.  

VI. Affiliates 

In relation to our affiliates and our monitization models, Amazon does keep a record that we can see of what is bought through our code, but we cannot see who buys it, and can not trace any of that back to you (the links for amazon are safe and directed strictly as shown and have provided for ease and convenience   Amazon does use tracking cookies to link us to you, so they know to give us credit. 

VII. Contacting Us

Thank you from everyone here at Total Nerd Takeover, and we hope that you are enjoying the Nerd experience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at, or leave us a voice message at

Total Nerd Takeover Studios is owend and operated by Chris Gray and Patrica Woods of GreyWoods Media. Updated: 6/25/13