Ep 75: Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider

We learn how to build our own movie theater and it's from cardboard!?

Who is the most valuable superhero of all movie time? We discuss and find out, the answer may shock you. Could the Punisher, Blade and  Ghost Rider be coming to netflix? If so is this a way to cornering the market or just making the nerd world better or worse? Is Marvel taking back the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchise? The Big Bang Theory has been brought to life by Lego. Dr. Doom's origin may be revealed in upcoming Secret Wars books, we share the easter eggs and what this could mean. DC has given some reveals to some major characters and what they could be facing and or looking like in upcoming comics. Adidas has made an Avengers shoe line and it's coming to all Nerds very soon! With some feedback we tell who our favorite Power Ranger character is.  Could Doomsday be in the Batman vs Superman movie? Will Comic Con be moving from San Diego to Las Vegas? General Jon gives us his verses and its Iron Man vs. Optimus Prime who would win in this battle of metal?


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