Ep 71: Will the Real Joker Please Stand Up!

We go into Gotham and Flash ( minor spoilers )  and take a look back on the past couple of weeks as well as talk about the season finales which are right around the corner.  Ashley gives us a big update on Free Comic Book Day and what it has in store. We learn of a new Arkham Knight updated package offer that is sure to send you reaching for your wallet. Captain America Civil War has announced that Barron Zemo will be its starring villain and we discuss what this could mean for our patriotic super hero.  We then delve into the much talked about Jared Leto and his new Joker look. We then get some breaking news on Ben Affleck and his new Batman Look and it is quite striking despite its wonky logo.  General Jon reveals the versus for this week is Ulton and Brainiac!



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