Ep 66: Green Lantern Gets a Power Glove?!

Chris and Ashley ventured with Julie and Chris’s son Brian to the Comic Book Convention in Toms River New Jersey, and they share some of their experiences with us.  Nate says Agents of Shield is a must see and Pieter lists a few shows in his feedback that he would like to see.  Goku vs Superman, who would win? What do you think of Jason Mamoa as  Aquaman?  Are you excited for the new Star Wars movie?  Bombs were dropped!  Want to know more about the Suicide Squad?  General Jonathan names some interesting gadgets for the Nerd Army, the WOWee One Slim and the R2-D9 USB Car Charger.  Sony is stepping up their game with Playstation Vue, a replacement for cable.  Powers, a new series from Sony is free for PlayStation Plus members.  We get a look at Superheros but in a more current time, and with real life situations.  Three of our favorite superhero characters are getting a new look!  Wonder Woman gets a new, fully covering look, and the Green Lantern gets a hood and power glove.  Superman will be wearing jeans and a Superman tee shirt.  Where’s the cape?  What do you think of these changes?  Of course, a little bit of Arrow and Flash talk.  Sleepy Hollow is getting a 3rd season, and something may be going on with Constantine.  Once Upon a Time is back for another season, and Game of Thrones is coming soon!



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Tour of the TNERDT studio

If you wanna feel like a superhero you have to look the part.

WOWe portable Bluetooth speaker

R2-D9 USB Car Charger