Ep 65: The Flash Turns 75!

General Gervais joins our Nerd Panel.  Nate gives us the “Retro” Fantastic Four challenge. With some feedback from our generals we go over our favorite and most memorable Batman Comics,  what our favorite comic book storyline is and what  comic book would you like to see made into a movie that hasn't been made yet? Tron is getting a sequel! Is Ghostbusters expanding its universe? If so is this wise or should we let good movies alone. Will Fish Mooney be returning to Gotham? Is the reason behind Marvel Agents of Shield lackluster following because there is not much Marvel in the series? We found a huge Hulkbuster freaking huge! The Flash turns 75 and we go over some important questions. Who is Barry Allan? Why he is so memorable? The importance of comic evolution and why we should all embrace and love The Flash. Marvel may be skipping the San Diego Comic Con and we go over what this could mean and why this is a big deal. Google is starting some Google Shops in London, could they be coming to the US and what does this mean for Android users everywhere.  The Apple Watch has been announced and though its a pricey piece of tech, we discuss its pros and cons. Ashley and Chris take on The Jersey Shore Comic Book Show in Toms River New Jersey this Sunday! Will you be there to join your nerd leaders?




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Nate’s Fantastic Four challenge movie ( 1994 )

The Flash 75 years young



Check out our friends from Rios Radio Big thank you to J.B for our New artwork for Behind the Iron Throne





Comic book con of Toms River NJ::

Our friend Chris Spano from the Comic Lair in Hamilton NJ would like to announce that there are two upcoming comic conventions in New Jersey!

1.) Jersey Shore Comic Show (Toms River NJ)

Date:March 15 2015 Time: 10 am til 4pm Admission is $3 for non costume and $1 for costumed individuals.

We will place the info on the Facebook and website! If you're in the Jersey Area come on out Ashley Batgirl will be there for the

March 15th show! Hope to see you there!!