Ep 62: Spider Man may swing into a Marvel Movie

We start the show with an exciting announcement! We have a new general, find out who! Marvel finally has the ability to use Spiderman in their movies, and he will be recasted. We got a Game of Thrones special, according to Ashley it was insightful and shows how dedicated they are. GRRM has said that there will be no Winds of Winter in 2015. How do you think this will affect future seasons of Game of Thrones. 
What do you think of the rumor Angelina Jolie directing a movie, Captain Marvel? Our general poses the question, which 80’s or 90’s movie would we like to see a reboot of, and boy we picked some good ones. Have you ever wondered about a Nightwing tv show? Well there is a indie one on youtube its really good link is down below. What was your favorite toy as a kid, you might be surprise what some of us mention. Chris loves the Wheel of Time, but was unhappy with the sneaky airing of Winter Dragon the pilot episode for Wheel of Time. Was it really a pilot or a ploy to hold onto the tv rights? DC features Harley Quinn as the character for the month of February. Check out the DC website where you can find new comic books and tons of information you may not have known before. 

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Nightwing Ep 1

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