Ep 61: Superman Changes

We begin the show with movies, but not just any movies, the movie trailers featured in the Super Bowl. Is there a movie you are excited to see? It is rumored that Bryan Cranston will be a villain in the next Star Trek movie, will he be the best villian ever? We will have a Black Panther movie in 2017. Daredevil will be coming out on Netflix, will it redeem this comic book hero? There is another Superhero movie set to come out, Legion of Superheroes, we as a panel pose the idea of superheroes becoming too saturated in today’s society? We talk a little bit about the Arrow, Flash, Atom, and Constantine. Ashley has some great comic book news, there was a new Superman and Batman released, do you like Superman’s new look or where the fate of Gotham is going? February is will be the month of Harley Quinn! DC will be publishing 22 variant Harley Quinn covers, and much more! We have a new take on zombies and crime fighting, CW will be releasing iZombie, Solving crimes by eating brains, this could be interesting. Last but not least, we touch a little on the new Game of Thrones trailer. Trish is running a Superhero 5K, help her figure out what superhero to represent!