Ep 59: HoloLens and Minecraft

We start the show with amazing feedback. Yardley and Trish answer the question, which 10 people in the “Nerd Universe” we would have at our dinner table? What is our favorite DC Animated series? How about. what is our favorite version od the X-Men animated series from the 90’s, best X-Men Ever! Are you hyped to see Ant Man? War of the 5 Armies is a must see. What would be your dream cast for the Justice League? Will the X-Files be coming back, and if so will it be a popular as the first time around? We chat about Gotham, Arrow and Flash. Windows 10 has been announced! Google glass is out, is virtual reality still in? Microsoft HoloLens is the future of augmented reality. Not just for gaming but for many different uses.

Links mentioned in show

Windows 10 

Microsoft HoloLens 

Omni: http://www.virtuix.com/products/

TNERDT Gaming YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaBMVt2_ME_QXU7mAgfDLbg