Ep 58: Marvel Vs DC

With the help of some feedback we give our thoughts and the DC universe versus Marvel universe of both movies and television. We go over both franchises movies and movies to come. We ponder over the suicide squad cast, and why we new blood when it comes to acting the parts of superheroes. After DC has been nailing it with the TV content we are left to ask is it because they have the story line crossovers, or could the key lie with Marvel. With their use of easter eggs and a wide variety of content, they give further fluidity into their universe that can ultimately make them more appealing to the viewer or does this even make a difference in the overall success in the comic movie battle at all? We further discuss Ant man and if the movie has promise both on it own and if possible as a lead into further endeavors such as the West Coast Avengers. Could Marvel be behind a greater movement or can DC make a comeback only the future and the Nerd Army will decide!