Ep 57: Ant Man Trailer

We are back Nerds! We get this new year kicked off right by starting off with some feedback. We answer questions like: What movies did we love in 2014? How about movies we did not like? We as a panel dare ask the question: Should Batman have a tv series all its own? The New television series Agent Carter makes its debut and we discuss if it was good and should you watch it? Trailer alert! That's right a new Marvel movie is on its way we got a new teaser trailer for the Ant Man movie, not kidding Antman will be here before you know it. We also get a scoop into Gambit becoming a movie and its starring actor leads to some serious discussion. Ces 2015 is in full swing we briefly touch on what you can see or hear about from the show. We welcome a new General into our Nerd Army! We also give insight into the coming years movies, tv shows and many more Nerdy things to come.