Ep 56: Jake From PDP Performance Designed Products

You might have heard Chris talking about his favorite gaming headset, the very pair he has slain dragons while wearing, and saved countless lives in the video game world. Chris’s son Brian also loves the PDP Afterglow headsets, so it was only natural for our Nerd leader to want a interview with PDP, and he got it. Trisha and Chris sit down with Jake from Performance Design Products and talk about headsets, controllers accessories and all things Nerd. Jake and PDP.com were kind enough to leave a gift for the Nerd Army, a 20% offer code ( tnerdt20 at checkout) for all of their products, good until Dec. 31, 2014. A big thank you to Jake and Performance Design Products! This is one interview you don't wanna miss!

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Use offer code tnerdt20 at checkout for 20% off, offer good until Dec 31 2014

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