Ep 54: We Want Krypton!

Jam packed episode with all of the Nerd content you love! Please go and watch the Flash season break episode, yeah it was good. How about Constantine? Have you put the show on the back burner to make room for all of the other awesome Nerd shows? Nate and Ashley are preaching for past fans of Supernatural to get back into the show. We tried to answer the question who is the most powerful Jedi and Sith Lord in Star Wars. Terminator Genisys trailer, who is in it and can Arnold pull off his old role? What comic book or graphic novel would we like to see made into a movie? Well, we kinda went off the rails here. In great news, Benedict Cumberbatch is officially playing Dr. Strange, and if that was not enough for you Ryan Reynolds was confirmed for the Dead Pool movie. Some great news for DC Comic fans, Nightwing to be hitting the small screen. The Suicide Squad movie casting has been announced, epic! If that does not have your Nerd juices flowing there is even more! How about a TV series based on the home world of Superman called Krypton, airing on SYFY channel. With the holidays lingering how about some cool gifts for Nerds? 
Nerd cookie cutters and flying drones, oh my! Oh and Epic Jackets to really show your Nerd pride or fight crime out in the streets. Chris, our leader Nerd admits a secret he has been keeping for years and announcing his new gaming console. Did we mention it was a full show? We also discuss the new Mad Max trailer.