Ep 51: Virtual Big Brother

We all love or have loved cartoons at one time, do remember the golden age of cartoons? We talk about our favorite cartoons and cartoons we would love to see in the future. We love Batman and we love his car, but our hosts like different versions of the Batmobile. Maybe you would enjoy the first licensed batmobile ever? Need a secret base or lair? which would you choose for tv movie or comics? One of our generals asked, so we answered. New animated Dragon Ball Z movie coming out with a old villain to face. Guardians of the Galaxy blu ray is coming out this December. Man plans on wearing Oculus Rift for 28 days, maybe he has already lost his mind. New feature in Twitter allows users to find their old tweets. Star Wars teaser trailer rumored to be playing in front of the new Hobbit movie. 3 villains will be hitting Once Upon a Time, find out who. Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Are you hitting the snooze button way too hard? Well there is a app that may have an answer to your alarm clock whoas.  

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