Ep 41: Apple announcement Football Helmets and more!

We begin the show with upcoming shows that Nerds love or hate! Netflix has announced 3 seasons for Hemlock Grove, the third being its final season. Netflix also bought the streaming rights to Gotham before it has even been released. How much did they pay per episode? Well, listen and find out, you might be surprised. We took some time to talk about Yardley’s voice over work in The Birth of Captain Murphy found on Adult Swim. A petition is out there to make this show into a series with 1.9k signatures already! Big shout out to the Flying Lotus and his amazing work. Yardley finds a football helmet that will actually protect your head, alert the sidelines when a traumatic hit is taken and looks super cool. New laws to manage mining an asteroid, what? Are you afraid of needles? How about a painless painkiller patch instead? Nate found a book that can filter water called, The Drinkable Book. Can’t find that USB? WE have a Swiss Army like case called ReadyCase. Apple made their big release announcement, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple Pay, Oh My!

Drinkable Book

USB iPhone Case

ReadyCase - Swiss Army Case

New iPhone and Apple Watch

The Birth Of Captain Murphy Petition!

The Birth Of Captain Murphy Video - Adult Swim - Parental  

Riddell’s SpeedFlex Football Helmet flexes to absorb hits!

Painless Painkiller Patch

Asteroid Rights