Ep 39: Bring on Gotham

First up, a big thank you to our sponsor RockySculpture.com. Check out their site or visit them at New York Comic Con. We took some time to say goodbye to a amazing actor and director, Richard Attenborough. However, on a happy note Kenny Baker who played the beloved R2D2 just turned 80. Action Comics number 1 just sold for 3.2 million. True Blood is now over. Did any of our Nerds watch it? Marvel to celebrate 75 years of comic history. Talked about Green Arrow Flash, and Gotham looks like DC is lining up some great stuff. Will DC connect the movie franchise with the TV series? Want a awesome bike that folds up and has no chain? Amazon buys Twitch… What?!

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Rocky Balboa 2014 Philly event

Kenny Baker's website

Deadpool's photo bombing Marvels 75 years of comic covers

Flash Poster with easter eggs

Gotham: The Legend reborn Preview Special

Bygens Hank: Direct Bike Swaps a chain for Direct Drive Levers

Amazon buys Twitch