Ep 36: Dust and Dead Battery

Shout out to my family that just got married, congrats! A big shout out to Jacob, our super fan. Would you pay for having heads up display on any of your vehicles? Navdy.com has a really cool device to checkout. Looking for a date? Maybe OkCupid is for you. They have a interesting way of putting people together, or collecting data to better setup couples. So we went off on a tangent...we talked about social media being a way to meet people and get dates. Wanna ride a bike that Rambo would have rocked? Well, Yardley found one the meanest bike we have ever seen. Forget smart watches! How about a watch made out of wood with led lights? Ok, the Guardians of the Galaxy finally has landed. Should you go see it? Does it live up to the hype? Listen and find out if Marvel’s latest comic movie lives up to it. 



Motoped Survival Edition

Kisai Night vision Wood LED watch!