Ep: 05 Bye Expanded EU

Have you ever wanted to grab a lightsaber and do battle? Well, we talk about an upcoming product where you can do just that. Enter the Sabertron foam fighting electronic swords, the closest you will ever get to lightsaber battles without killing or maiming your fellow man. Talking about Star Wars is something Nerds love to do. Wether you love the Star Wars or not, it's hard not to see it in our culture. Disney bought the rights to the epic space wizard franchise. Some people were relieved others a bit nervous. One thing the franchise is guilty of is mishmash cannon, what story arcs are true to the universe and what is just well not. So, say goodbye to the expanded universe and say hello to a much needed cannon clean up. Our team of Nerds also tackled the dilemma that is the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some of us feel they look like creatures out of a child's nightmare, and we loved our old turtles from the 90’s. Do you agree? Will this new turtle look frighten children or breath life into a once loved pizza eating ninja adventure? How cool is the internet of things, having your house automated is a dream I think every Nerd shares. We are getting closer to that reality every day. Enter in the WEMO, a very cool product by Belkin that helps push the automated goal that much farther. With the ability to turn lights, switches and cameras on from your smartphone, how could it get better? Well how about a smartphone controlled Crockpot for starters, or air conditioners and even home humidifiers.