Discovering a War Torn Galaxy: The Newest Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer

By Ashley Johnson

The terrific,  and definitely five-star- worthy second teaser trailer for “Star Wars: Episode VII — “The Force Awakens” debuted to raptures of fans Thursday. Director J.J. Abrams released the newest footage for the Dec. 18 film since last November. The second teaser trailer begins with a simple image—Daisy Ridley’s scavenger Rey, racing across the desert on her speeder toward the wreckage of an X-Wing fighter. Behind her, we see the scorched mountains of the planet Jakku glide by, but we also see that those sandswept peaks are not a natural land formation. It is in fact the corpse of what was once a massive Star Destroyer.

Soon, we hear a familiar young voice. It is Luke’s and his speech to Leia from Return of the Jedi in which he reveals that Darth Vader is his father and that he must face him, possibly to never return to her. “The force is strong in my family,” says Mark Hamill’s voice from three decades ago. “My father has it. I have it. My sister has it.” Here’s where there’s a new addition to the dialogue, (with a clever re-edit from another segment of Luke’s dialogue) while passing a Jedi lightsaber to someone he adds,“And you have the power, too.”

That dramatic moment sets the audience for the money shot! While stepping inside the Falcon we see a slightly older, but no less devilish Han Solo and a crossbow-wielding Chewbacca . “Chewie,” Han says with a small grin, “we’re home.” ( I really couldn't contain my excitement when I reached this moment, I really knew then above all others this was the sign of the best of both old star wars and the new to come!)

Perhaps the most iconic image held within the new trailer is the scorched visage of what was Darth Vader’s helmet, though it was last seen in a funeral pyre as Luke mourned the last-minute redemption of his then genocidal Sith father. This image leaves many to question what does this mean for the movie and ts direction as well as if it has anything to do with our villain Kylo Ren?

Now this trailer was similar to the previous teaser, in that it spends most of its time introducing us to new characters Such as Finn and Ridley. Ridley’s Rey is seen more than once but I really enjoyed the scene where she is reaching out her hand to a fallen and distressed Finn. (I also enjoyed the scene where she also gets her hands on a very familiar looking weapon—a lightsaber!) Finn appears to be a shell-shocked stormtrooper who has been through some sort of trauma that has left him on the run, and his destiny and Rey’s have intersected on Jakku, a desert world that many had assumed at first was Tatooine. Don’t forget BB-8, the rolling ball droid, its seen peeking around a corner inside the Millennium Falcon, and we also catch a glimpse of dogfighting TIE-fighters, including a disturbing sequence in which one seems to shoot up an Imperial-looking docking bay full of other ships.

Although we don’t see the actual face of Kylo Ren, the villain wielding the crossguard lightsaber, the trailer does stare into his ominous masked face as he ignites his signature weapon. A separate shrouded figure is seen within another sequence, extending a claw-like metallic hand to caress the dome of R2-D2. This doesn’t seem to be a menacing gesture , which suggests that perhaps maybe the two know each other. Its from this actionable gesture that I am left to wonder could this mystery person be Luke?

Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron, a roguish X-Wing pilot reputed to be one of the best fliers in the galaxy, also gets in some flying time and one aerial sequence takes us into the hollow engine of that decrepit and decomposing Star Destroyer.

Now though there is no Luke, or Leia in this teaser trailer you really get the most for your two minutes. Fighting, heroism, mystery and cameos all give us an exciting thrill that leaves us wanting more! Though the movie is not set out for theaters until Christmas I am sure that J.J. Abrams will release another just because he knows that the Star Wars fans will eat it up! All and all the second teaser trailer installment for the newest movie was an amazing feat and only makes those who watch it want even more! I cannot wait for this and will be sure to be making my force strong this Christmas.