Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Reaction

By General Jonathan

I am a huge Batman fan, I read Batman comics, watched cartoons and watched all the movies. When I first heard that Warner Bros was making a Batman V Superman movie, I was so excited because this movie is going to be epic. Then, last Friday I saw the first trailer and I was like OMG this is epic, more than I thought it would be before I saw the trailer.

First, this trailer is not a trailer where you will see action, this is trailer that explains the story. When it comes to the story, what we know so far from the trailer is that the people is turning against Superman and Batman is going to fight him.

I love the opening of the trailer where someone in the background is debating about whether Superman is good or evil. I love Lex Luther (Jesse Eisenberg) saying "Devils don't come from hell beneath us they comes from the sky," that was epic and I was going crazy after that. The people chanting, “ Go home, go home,” was also and the statue with the false god painted on was awesome.

I love seeing Bruce Wayne staring at his Batman costume with a look of anger or fear depending on who you talk too and Alfred (Jeremy Irons) talking in the background was.  I also have to say that the new Batman costume looks great.

We see the shot of the Batmoblie from the back which was cool.

By far the best part of the trailer for me and so far was when Batman in his Batman armor suit looking up at Superman saying in an electric voice "Do you Bleed? You will.”

The music in the background was cool and the graphics of the Superman and Batman logos was sick.

This trailer was really good and I believe Batman V Superman is going to be an amazing move, and after watching this trailer I believe Ben Affleck is going to be great as Batman. I cannot wait till 2016 to see this movie, 2016 cannot come sooner.