Netflix’s Daredevil: A Review

By General Jonathan Stomas

First I must state that this show is amazing. I'm personally a big fan of comic book shows and this show is great. Now I'm not going to compare this show to the other comic book shows like the Flash and Arrow because it wouldn't be fair. Daredevil cannot be compared to other shows only because Daredevil is on Netflix and they can get away with more where as shows like Arrow, the Flash, etc. are on the CW and Fox networks and therefore tend to be a bit tamer because it is a public domained television series. With that being said I will say that the storyline is far better than those found on the other comic book shows on tv.

I loved the story that is told throughout the series,  it's darker and grittier than other comic book shows have been or seen.  At times during this season it wasn't truly clear if the hero would win, save the day or fall flat on his face in defeat. Some episodes ended with the hero on top and others with the villain. Clearly not the norm for a comic book show but it is in these innovative twists you find a reason to fall in love with the show even more.  The pace of the story was also good for being only 13 episodes in length. The progression of characters, and storyline were well represented in the pacing and that made all the difference in the telling of the shows perspective and future.

This show is violent, its one of the most violent of all the comic book shows both on and off mainstream tv. That's one perky benefit of being on Netflix instead of a network TV station. I particularly loved the violence, it fits this show and its universe/world perfectly. Now I won't spoil it for those who have yet to see the show but some scenes were not only dark and violent but also gritty and all were very crucial to the character(s) structures and development within the shows timeline and storyline. What I found most enjoyable was that it wasn't overly violent, it was just the right amount needed to show the viewer what they needed to see.

The action and artistry of action  in Daredevil was also quite stunning. The fight scenes and choreography were visually believable and really kickass. The mix of martial arts, parkour, combat and fighting styles really gave our hero Daredevil his own unique fighting style. This was not only amazing to watch but exciting as well. Daredevil at times kicked ass and in other times has his ass kicked, thus giving us a better look at his humanity and frailty as well as his superhero side. I can say without a doubt that the Netflix series has far better fight scenes then the Daredevil movie.

Now the main villain is named Wilson Fisk. Fisk is played by Vincent D'Onofrio and he is in my opinion, the best villain of all the comic book shows out today. I love that in the first few episodes no one was allowed to say his name out loud, that's how feared he his. I also enjoyed Fisk’s demeanor on the show. He doesn't seem evil until he does something evil. A menacing trait that gives him total control over criminal underground that is Hells Kitchen. What really makes him relatable as a character is that he believes he's trying to save Hell's Kitchen and that in order to save it he must take over all its crime from within. In a way Fisk and Daredevil are trying to do the same thing but Fisk will try and save Hell's Kitchen by any means necessary. Not to mention that he also kicks some serious ass in some episodes too. He is by far the best version of Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin I've seen in represented in both movies and cartoons.


The hero Daredevil, is known by day as Matt Murdock, he is played by Charlie Cox. This representation of Daredevil is a far better Daredevil than that from the 2003 movie featuring Ben Affleck. Daredevil is at times in the show conflicted at what he has to do to save Hell's Kitchen, and quite ironically enough he will often have conversations with the neighborhood priest about what the Daredevil has to do. Yes he gets beat up a lot, almost dies at least twice and yes he has his setbacks in his quest to take down Fisk. But through it all you are given a solid character that is flawed and battling both himself and Hell’s Kitchen. He is relatable, funny, and lovable in his heroic quest.  What I liked the best about his character is that he didn't have the iconic Daredevil costume right away like the other shows and movies portray their characters to have he finds his costume as he finds himself.

Daredevil is an amazing show with a great cast, amazing action violence, and a great storyline.  I highly recommend it for anyone who loves comic book shows and especially anyone wanting to see a redeeming of the Daredevil franchise. I give Daredevil a 9 out of 10 stars. The only thing that would bring the show to a ten would be if there were a few more episodes and more characters from the Daredevil comics universe/world. All and all I loved this show and its a show that I feel will be around for a while, especially if they keep to this formula.

I hope you enjoy this review.

Edited By Ashley Johnson