Deadpool: The First Casualty of Marvel's Secret Wars

By Ashley Johnson



The Merc with a Mouth is no more. Thats right in Deadpool #45 written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn along with artist Mike Hawthorne, (which was marketed as the 250th Deadpool issue) came out on April 8th of 2015. Deadpool died when two alternate universe Earths smashed together. Most would think that its a hell of way to go but I partially disagree.

For those following Marvel’s Avengers and New Avengers comics by Jonathan Hickman, this will come as no surprise. The heroes in those comics have been faced with a dilemma where parallel Earths are colliding with one another, thus resulting in the end of each Earth’s universe. Each have so far avoided destruction, but we already know that they will fail to stop the main 616 Marvel Universe from crashing into the Ultimate Marvel Universe, which will then kick off Marvel’s big Secret Wars summer event. This is our first look at that big universe changing incident, which in turn makes Deadpool the first superhero casualty of Secret Wars.

Now Marvel has made it no secret that Deadpool would be dying in this issue, so the question was not if he will die, but how.

The ending was part of a big fake-out that unfolded over the course of the issue. Deadpool and his friends were marked for death by the new Flag Smasher and his ULTIMATUM goons, so we thought that he would go out in a blaze of glory by protecting them, but as the story unfolded, most of his friends did a fine job of protecting themselves, which left Deadpool to clean up by killing Flag Smasher and his cronies in a very extended, awesomely bloody action sequence.

Now this left us with a seemingly happy ending. Deadpool and company were enjoying their celebration on a yacht when suddenly the sky lit up and they were all incinerated by the collision with the Ultimate Earth!

Now it is no secret to us fans that Deadpool had been struggling with his identity in the past few issues, wondering if he was better off as the kind-hearted “Zenpool” rather than the crazy assassin ninja we all know and love. But in his final moments, his loved ones helped him to realize that they want him to be who he is, and so as he died, he was at peace knowing he was safe within their love.

Yeah, not that funny, or as I would have pictured his end, but definitely pretty touching.

The last big Deadpool event was his wedding in Deadpool #27, this is where he married the succubus Shiklah. She wasn’t present on the yacht, and last time we had saw her she was raising an undead army, so her whereabouts are currently unknown to us.

Deadpool does appear to be dead for the time being, but of course as we all know comic book characters rarely stay that way, so I wouldn’t get too upset by his passing.

He will be taking part in Secret Wars in a comic called Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, which will show his involvement in the original 1984 Secret Wars. So while he won’t be involved in the current event, you’ll still be able to get your Deadpool fix in the months to come. So prepare yourselves our Merc will still be with us one way or another.

All this reader can say is that even though there was a ton of action, gore and all around bloody Merc action. Seeing Deadpool go down in a “normal” way was not what i had ever invisioned for his passing. Either way at least we can know he came to peace in some aspect so in a way our favorite Merc with a mouth came full circle before his fiery demise.

Rest in peace, Wade Wilson. May your afterlife be filled with many, many chimichangas and pancakes!!!


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