The End of Wolverine: Necessary Evil or Poor Choice

By: Ashley Johnson, Content Manager

2014 held many interesting comic book choices, but one of the biggest was when the Marvel Universe said goodbye to an iconic character, Wolverine.  Now Wolverine aka James “Logan” Howlett has been around for well over 100 years in the books, he's been alive for quite some time in the real world. He made his first appearance in  The Incredible Hulk #180 back in October 1974. So it is only fitting this incredible character is left us on his 40th birthday into the Marvel Universe.

The mutant whose healing factors kept him alive for what seems like forever is now gone.

Now Marvel had been teasing its radical new development in Wolverine’s history with the summer story arc named, 3 Months to Die, which robs Wolverine of his healing ability, the very mutant power that has kept him alive and kicking through decades of fatal injuries.  And with the 4-part miniseries called, Death of Wolverine, which was written by Charles Soule and drawn by Steve McNiven we finally saw that the idea to kill off one of the most iconic characters in comic books was no longer myth but fact.

When asked about wolverine and the new series writer Charles Soule explained that “For the longest time, no matter who Wolverine was battling, he’s been the eternal victor,”  “He almost always comes out on top. Now he finally comes up against an adversary that he cannot win against, he cannot fight.” “He’s now reflecting on his own life as well as on his death. We wanted to have the reader do that at the same time. In each issue, we’re focusing on a different aspect, or a different quintessential Wolverine.”

But for those of us that have fallen for this legendary character we cannot help but remember that the concept of “death” in comic books can be a bit tenuous. But it is in this blogger's opinion that wolverine dies of a true hero’s death and it will have ramifications throughout the Marvel Universe. Soule hoped that the Death of Wolverine feels true to its readers. “I hope that when people finish it, they’ll feel like he died in a way that was true to him.” And though the ending to Wolverines truly amazing life was true to his nature and character it still feels to many avid fans that it was an unnecessary end to a quite memorable character like that of Superman or Batman.

My biggest question as a reader and a fan was what does this mean going forwards in Wolverines world and in the Marvel Universe as a whole.  Soule answers this question by saying “You’re gonna be entering into a world without Wolverine. This affects not only his teammates, but also the Marvel Universe at large. We’ve got a lot of things in the works already. So keep your eyes peeled for the future.” So lets hope that the ramifications from this character's end lead to better and newer storylines and possible character changes within his world.

For now we mourn the loss of a great character in the Marvel Universe and can only hope that the friendship, and legacy he left on its characters and fans will always live on.  You will be missed and we hope to see you in memory amongst the people you held closely.