DC’s Convergence: The New Mission

By: Ashley Johnson

DC Comics announced “Convergence” a line-wide crossover on February 6 of 2015. According to DC Comics and Entertainment Weekly, all of DC’s comic books will go on a two month hiatus and then beginning June 3 2015 DC will then re-launch 24 new series which will join 25 "fan favorites".

According to DC, this convergence is not just another wave of new titles, but a bold new mission statement for the company and the characters within it. DC is a company that is  “striving to make diversity a priority, and aims to emphasize storytelling over continuity.”

According to DC comics, the company will be keenly focused on going back to the basics with its legendary characters, like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, while also reinventing key characters, such as Black Canary, Bizzaro, Cyborg and Starfire, with a new contemporary tone to ensure a diverse offering of titles.  Some of DC’s top writers and artists, as well as emerging fresh voices, are on board to help create and re-shape an expansive lineup of comics that appeals to a broad audience of fans.

Though it will be a complete 180 from their 2011 New 52 initiative, which reset the entire DC Universe with the purpose of making its comics more “accessible to new readers.” (Even though in fact, it ended up homogenizing most of its titles, barring a few notable, excellent exceptions like Wonder Woman and Batman.) And for those in favor to The New 52 though you won’t be seeing that phrase atop DC’s comics anymore, have no fear because the rebooted universe isn’t going away. Which for those of us that know the series all too well that this is a very good thing, especially given that there has been a pretty remarkable uptick in the companies quality over the past months it has been utilizing the New 52 initiative.  


Now for those of us wanting a taste of this new perspective DC will be giving readers a sneak peek at some upcoming storylines in its Free Comic Book Day special issue, DC Comics: Divergence.!

Though this avid fan and reader of DC is slightly leary on the change, it is only because the New 52 has done so well and continues to stay so strong it leaves me to wonder why the change. But it is all in attracting new faces and future avid fans so I will say this, I will be looking forward to seeing the change and what it can offer the DC universe as well as the reader. If in fact this convergence is as successful to the DC franchise as The New 52 was we may be looking at yet another brilliant move and bigger movement to be made in  DC’s universe and comics as well.