Fall Insanely In Love with Harley Quinn This February

By: Ashley Johnson

DC Comics is getting insanely romantic this month by dedicating all of February to one of the most devious, cutest, hammer-wielding Super-Villains that is Harley Quinn! Mister J’s lady now has her very own Facebook and Harley Quinn Hub page which can be found on DC’s website.  These pages were created for both die-hard and casual fans, and will feature comic book sneak peeks, must-have Harley-themed products, unique prizes, free Harley Quinn skins for the game Infinite crisis, and other news, all spoken in Harley’s unique voice.  

Our bubbly psychopath will also be busy taking over Cupid’s turf by releasing the perfect Valentine’s Day presents for any loved one in your life. First the Harley Quinn and Joker “kiss” statue which launched February 2. This will be followed by the Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 which will be out on February 11.

Still hungry for our deadly leading lady? Well I have you covered because you can feast on a special Harley Quinn ebook sale when Harley Quinn: Hot in the City from February 3 until February 17, and Suicide Squad Vol 1: Kicked in the Teeth from February 18 until March 2nd.  Both collections will also available at retail stores, but not for the ebook sale price. Last but not least on February 25 Harley Quinn #15 will also be hitting retail stores.  So it is fair to say that if you could ever love a insanely lethal clown princess now is the time to show that love! Not to mention you can purchase copies of Harley Quinn variant covers all month long, though there are only 22 to grab!

So needless to say smear on that makeup and cause a little mayhem by painting the town red and black with Mrs. J! Pick up a comic, do a little research on the famous villain through DC or facebook. Just have fun, I know that I will be and boy is it going to be a wild ride!