What Does it Mean to be a Nerd


When I was a kid I used to think about science, technology, video games traveling the star in a warp capable space ship fighting evil aliens. I used to imagine a world that was full of superheroes fighting for the innocent. My childhood friend and I would get sheets or towels and use them as capes and imagine we were flying the skies looking out for evil doers. Funny thing was at the time I and Iā€™m sure my friends never thought of ourselves as Nerds. Now here we are years later and I still see kids in the neighborhood doing the same things my friends and I had done.

Fast forward a few, or a lot of years when the stuff of my dreams is now mainstream entertainment. Where kids and adults are walking around in public wearing shirts with their favorite superhero or villain plastered on them. And I can't help but wonder who is truly a Nerd and who is just wearing something they consider cool. So I decided to write this article in the hope to explain what I think it means to be a Nerd.

So as I mentioned before, I never considered myself a Nerd at first, maybe because I never gave it much thought or perhaps it was fear. during my youth it was cool to wear ninja turtles, but high school was another matter entirely.


In high school if I wanted to go to the parties and not get picked on or beat up I had to hide the more Nerdy side of my life. Even then I did not admit I was into some Nerdy stuff. It was not until many years after highschool that I admitted I was a Nerd. Even when I finally thought about it and tagged myself as a Nerd it was not something I went and announced to the world. Really my pride for the title Nerd did not happen until starting Total Nerd Takeover studio. I realized there are millions of people that are Nerds or Geeks and did not realize it.

So what does it mean to be a Nerd in todays world? Well lets start out with the official definition of the word. According to the dictionary A Nerd is ā€œ A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.ā€ If you just saw a flash of red or thought about throwing something you're not alone. This is a terrible way to describe people of passion. Thats right I used the word PASSION. Here is my definition of the word Nerd "A person with moderate to high intelligence that has a deeper passion for their interests and or hobbies," most of the Nerds I have ever met did not have a problem talking or being around people. There is always exceptions to the rule, but I can't stand when people label Nerds in a negative way. It does not matter if you love Starwars, Star Trek, X-Men, Dc Comics, Marvel, certain movies or what ever technology platform. Everyone is a bit different and there are so many types of nerds that I can't even begin to list them all.

My point is this, no matter what type of Nerd you are, or even if you admit to being one, the simple meaning of Nerd is Love for the things you are into and learning everything you can and defending that love with a little Nerd rage.

Edited By: Ashley Page