New York Comic Con 2014


Well, another Comic Con has come and gone and, wow, what a amazing time! What is Comic Con? Thats easy, its a convention based on comics, superheroes, gaming, anime, CosPlay and so much more. This year had sold out in record time, I even missed out on the ticket sales.

So how did I get into Comic con this year? Our friend and sponsor Robin Schomberg Nicholls offered me a exhibitors badge through her booth. I was jumping for joy, not only did I get a 4 day exhibitor's badge but I got to spend some time with Robin and her awesome husband, John. My schedule this year only allowed me to go two of the four days October 11th and 12th. Honestly two days was not enough time, at least for this year. New York Comic Con really packed it in this year with comics, Booths, vendors, gaming, Celebs, Cosplay, panels and entertainment.


     The NY Comic con is held at the Javits center in well you guessed it New York City. For the past few years they had been doing construction on the convention center and I am very pleased they did. The expanded room meant a lot of new space for vendors exhibitors, gaming booths and so on. Also a lot of the new section is glass walls and ceiling allowing lots of light and creating a open and inviting space.
Its hard to explain how amazing Comic Con is in a blog post, I will try but you really need to go and experience this for yourself. Upon reaching the Javits Center, you see people decked out with their favorite superhero, comic brand, Anime characters and Video game characters. Many people wearing this stuff on shirts, hats, bags, backpacks, hoodies, belt buckles etc. You name it and some one is most likely wearing it. Even in the world we live in right now, where being a nerd is now pop culture it is mind blowing to see the fans supporting their favorite genre.

     If that was not amazing enough, the cosplayers one of my favorite things to see at Comic Con. And not just because there are half naked girls dressed as some of my favorite characters in the Nerd universe, although I am not complaining. What it really is about is love and feeling accepted. Being able to dress up as a Ninja Turtle, Wolverine, Captain America, Storm, Jean Grey, Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Anime characters, and the very popular DeadPool and people love it.


     I saw so many people Cosplaying this year and thought to myself, “this is awesome.” Where else can you dress up and rome around where people constantly stop and want your picture? Comic Con is like a Nerd heaven where you can Cosplay Spiderman and have people stop you as if you where that very Super hero, and people treat you like a celebrity asking for pictures and chatting about the character and their recent comic or movie. This year I saw a lot of different costumes. I saw something I have not seen before, a group of strangers wearing the same character costume getting together running around the Convention. It was really cool to see and they even came up with a chant “ What do we want? DeadPool! Who are we ? DeadPool!”


     Its not all about Cosplay and t shirts, you can buy all kinds of different Nerd gear. You want Shirts or Swords? How about a pair of cat ears that move according to your mood? I pay close attention to the Collectible statues and figurines for the Nerd studio. You can find all of that and more at Comic Con.

     I walked around and tried to see all of the different vendors and booths, this was a bit tough with the large crowds. I think there were too many booths and the walking lanes where narrowed by this. Just a minor issue to be stuck with a bunch of my fellow Nerds in crowded spaces. So I used my super power and started chatting with people as we crawled forward. I can't even tell you how many great people I talked. I had lunch with a really fun couple that love batman and they really knew their stuff. I talked to artists, Comic writers, cosplayers, bloggers, and fellow podcasters it was the best. I did not make it to any panels because I was too interested in my brethren Nerds on the show floor.


     If you have been to a Comic Con in the past you know what I am trying to describe in this post. For those of you that have not and call yourselves Nerds you need to get to one. There are so many Nerd Conventions across the United States. I have read articles stating New York Comic Con has surpassed San Diegos by 21,000 unique attendees. Wow! Holy smokes! I have even seen a number of 151,000. These numbers aren't official according to my research, as of the time of this post. I can say i was guessing around 200,000 on Sunday October 13th which I thought was the busiest day of the Convention. Any way you slice it thats a lot of Nerds proving once again that we have become a true force to be reckoned with as we invade pop culture more and more.
Long story short I had a wonderful time met wonderful people took a ton of pictures ( trisha link here ) and saw so many amazing booths and exhibits. Every Nerd should stand tall and proud because we are “ Taking over the world one Nerd at a time!”

Edited By: Ashley Page