What's the Deal with all the Alts In Games?


There are many games out there that give you the option to play different roles, classes, and races. A lot of people have asked why do gamers have so many different alts? Why can't people stick to just one? Well first lets take a look at some of the options people can choose from. Most of the time when People refer to alts they are talking about more than one million playable character in a game. That usually is in a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game).

Most MMORPG type games have different races to choose from, some are good guys and some are bad guys. They are two different factions that often have two diffrent story arcs. That could be a good reason to play through different stories and to see different parts of the gaming world that is sometimes locked from the opposite faction or race.

Then we have classes in most MMORPG’s, there are several classes to choose from. Mostly you would have a tank or meat shield, a warrior type class that stands in front of the group and takes the hits.





There is also a healer class which I think is self evident. Some games have a control class that has the duty of controlling all of the ads or extra npcs (non player characters) from attacking until the group is ready to strike them down.





Finally we have the DPS (damage per second) class there sole job is to beat the snot out of the enemies. To add to the options there can also be Hybrid classes that perform multi-functional roles.



There are a lot of choices and varieties a gamer can choose from. and that is why gamers have alts in MMORPG’s. Why settle for just one when there is so many different paths to choose from? Just because a player starts out with a tank class does not mean that is all they can do. Maybe somewhere down the line the tank decides to try a different role, trying to experience the game in a different way, such as healing or being a support class.


How about just a change of scenery? Try the game from the evil side or from the opposite faction. Why not? There are so many combinations to choose from, and so many alternative stories to experience.



Either way, the more you play, the more experience you have and the more money the game makes. So go ahead and play everything. All that I ask is that you have a good grasp of the classes you play if you are going to be in my group.


Edited By: Ashley Page