Gamers Helping Charity

By Emilio Ortiz

With all the negativity towards gamers/video games that usually follows a tragic event, I felt compelled to share just a little bit of the good that gamers do for the world that goes pretty much unnoticed by the general population and is completely ignored by the main stream media.  

My example is of the efforts of a gamer who goes by the handle "Athene" and the goal that he has set to raise $6.6 million, yep you read that right, $6.6 million dollars to the Save the Children charity.  For the most part the money is raised by those who subscribe to Athene's Twitch TV channel .  However he has made efforts to organize other streamers in a charity raising event to help reach the lofty goal, one of them being The Seige.  I don't won't to run on too long about this, but just wanted to make the point that not all gamers are "evil" because they play video games and many of them do more good than the main stream media and "champions of justice" would like to admit.  Also Athene is at $6.4 million of his $6.6 million goal for the year with a little more than 3 months to go!