Welcome to the Hall of Generals


What does it mean to be a General of our Nerd Army?

Being a General is a great commitment to our over all dream here at Total Nerd Takeover. Our dream is to dominate the world with proud Nerds who love Comics, Movies, Tech Science and all of the other stuff that makes us who we are. These members have been chosen for their amazing commitment to us and all we stand for. They are the men and women who stand tall and proud united by a common thread we all share; love and passion for everything we Nerds hold dear. Here we salute the proud members who have gone above and beyond in supporting and helping us grow this dream, for without our generals and our community we would have nothing!


“Taking over the world one NERD at a Time!”

Honored Generals 


General Jonathan Stark, king of GREECE, king of Toronto, King in the North, General of the northern geek army, BATMAN by night, official Biographer of Nate proud follower of the old gods conqueror of Asgard, King of Atlantis and King of Themyscira.

General Travis Gervais, Lord of the Green Mountains

General Jimmy "Goat" Magee 

General Evan "Siberon" Bertrand



Duties and Responsibilities of the Nerd Generals


  • Join in our social media conversations

  • Like and share all of our social media that they believe in

  • Spread the word and the word is NERD

  • Send us feedback with content for our shows and of course how we can better serve the community

  • Keep a finger on the pulse in regards to our community.

  • Be a good person that loves to share and help fellow Nerds


What does it take to be considered for this honored position?


You may be asking yourself, do I have what it takes to be apart of something greater than myself? The answer is YES, yes you do. Becoming a Nerds General is actually quite easy. First, you have to care about this community, next Follow us on twitter www.Twitter.com/TNerdT

and our facebook pages,  at least the main one (www.facebook.com/totalnerdtakeover, www.facebook.com/behindtheiron, www.facebook.com/tnertAppletime).  You need to help us spread the word, share us on social media, tell your friends, family, and anyone who is worthy of our great cause. Fourth, like us and rate us on iTunes and our where ever you get our podcast from, (we prefer iTunes). Lastly, send us feedback that will add to our shows. Give us feedback on errors we may make and suggestions to make the site and our content better for our amazing community.