Green Arrow Year One

By: Travis Gervais 

Here we go, my first graphic novel of this adventure and back into the game! Where to start? Green Arrow Year One, that sounds like a great place to start, at the beginning.  So here are the details,  published by DC, this was a bi weekly, limited series that ran from September to November of 2007. The artist of the book is "Jock". Yes, simply just "Jock". 

This is something I want to take a serious look at as I travel down the comic book road, the writer. As a kid I couldnt care less who wrote what, but I think is will be interesting to keep track of the writers see who is writing what, when and for whom. The writer for Green Arrow Year One is Andy Diggle. Wait an minute, as in the arrow  TV show Diggle? 

First off this graphic novel is a quick read and very easy to follow along. I liked the art style and it was definitely dark in nature.

The main players are Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, a bodyguard of Queen named Hackett, (nope not diggle) and an opuin dealer named Chien Na - Wei or as Oliver calls her not only in the book but the TV show, China White. 

This is basically a orgin story of the Arrow and the main plot will seem very familiar if you watch the show...boat ride, Island, washed ashore, learn to survive and run into so bad people.  The beginning of the story has a plot twist that I won't spoil here as I felt this was the best part of the story. It was a small plot twist but cool and they made it make sense without to much confusion. 

So for this being my starting point, it was a great way to get back into comics, fast pace, smooth moving, easy going but solid plot. As a bonus, your a fan of the show you will enjoy the villain of the story being China White, who was portrayed by Kelly Hu in the TV series.

Overall I give the story 3 and 1/2 out of 5 stars. Personally I need just a bit more story and would have liked to have seen more of per Arrow Oliver.

Click on the Amazon link to purchase this book and check it out for yourself.  Tell me what you think here! Next up will be the Longbow Hunters, by Mike Grell.