7 Tips for Taking Better iPhone Pics!

Taking an awesome picture with your iPhone or iPad can be tricky, but with a little help and a few basic pointers, I hope to get you on the road to take better pictures.

You don't have to me an amazing photographer to get good shots. You don't even need a lot of fancy equipment. In fact, if you do want to buy some equipment, it can be very inexpensive compared to a high end DSLR cameras and lens.

  1. Let's consider the shot. Take a moment and look at the shot - you will either take it in landscape mode or portrait mode. This means will you either be holding the iOS device sideways or long ways. Each has its uses. Sideways, in a horizontal position looks great for almost any picture you take. You can even follow the rule of thirds if you want to get technical. Just don't get crazy about that rule, because you can take great pictures any way you like.Turning your iPhone or iPad upright will make the shot in portrait mode, which is mostly used for selfies or quick snap videos.

  2. Lighting is a big part of photography. It can literally enhance a picture or make it crap. The camera and lens are important but so is the lighting. Unless you are trying something artistic while taking a pictures, the sun or any other lighting source should be directed towards the subject not the camera. Also keep in mind that most shots indoors are considered low light. The best lighting source is the sun, but you can pick up portable lighting kits for cheap that will help with your photos and videos. ( link to product here )

  3. Keep the iPhone or iPad steady, hold it with both your hands and tuck your elbows into your body to help stable the shot, or ideally some type of tripod. I have some recommendations from our E-Shop. If you have to hold the camera (and lets face it most times you will have to), try holding the camera with both hands keeping your elbows tucked into your sides for the extra stability. Take a deep breath hold it for a sec along with the shutter button on the screen or on the volume rocker. this will help capture a steady shot.

  4. Know your shutter button: this is cool because you can use the volume up button as your shutter, rather than the screen. You can even use the Apple ear buds to achieve this as well. My personal favorite is a bluetooth dongle made for iOS photos. I just pair the remote and BOOM! Pictures without having to hold the camera. You can do this and have a mini viewfinder with the Apple Watch. Make Apple Watch a click link to my video.

  5. Turn on HDR for better quality photos, you can turn this option to automatic - which I recommend. Here is a brief description of HDR and what that means for your pictures.

  6. Use flash sparingly. The flash can be very useful but can also hit your subject with too much in-your-face light. If you're not in a great lighting situation or outside on a sunny day, then chances are you are in low light. This can be fixed with inexpensive lighting equipment. Check out the video

  7. Just have fun. Taking pictures for personal use or even work should be a fun experience. You don't have to be a pro to take good pictures and besides, most pictures are about the memories not how professional they may appear!

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I few recommend products to help take better pictures and video.