New iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch Bands in March.

Maybe the rumors are true! Apple will release a new iPhone and iPad in March. From what I have read online people are saying Tuesday March 15th to be exact. I wonder how you get good info like that hmmm? So, the rumours are that Apple is planning on launching a new iPhone with a smaller screen size than its sisters.

A 4 inch iPhone to be exact and many online sites are calling it the iPhone 5se. I personally think this is a silly name and does not sound like good Apple branding for their top selling device line. I could be wrong but the new iPhone name just seems wrong.

This new iPhone 5se with its smaller form factor has a good amount of appeal for customers that want a more compact experience that fits easily into a pocket. As crazy as this sounds, yes, some people just want a smaller smartphone. Specification wise online sources are putting it in line with the iphone 5s hardware-wise. It's worth noting these unidentified sources are claiming A9 chip and M9 processors. Also, with the ability to use Apple Pay and Siri  on the new iPhone, this will be great for people wanting a smaller device. I was worried this would be a weaker iPhone compared to its siblings, but that does not seem to be the case. At least, not according to articles I read.

This new iPhone 5se is supposed to have the same color options like you can find on the 6s. Honestly, I was hoping for colors similar to the iPhone 5c. Same colors, but more metallic and less pastel. A much needed feature would be a better camera than the old 5c version with a flash for better pics or the potential for better pics. For tips or for a look into how to take better iPhone and iPad photos click here. Either way having a new smaller form factor iPhone, that does not compromise features and hardware is a smart move for Apple.

March could also hold a new iPad Air 3, which does not surprise me considering Apple had not released a new iPad Air but a iPad pro. It's my opinion that the new ipad Air 3 will have similar features and hardware to the iPad Pro. Having the Apple Pen work with the iPad Air is almost a no brainer, if you ask me. I can't believe Apple put all their resources and testing and effort in to only sell the Apple Pen to work with the new Pro version iPad.

Another rumor floating around is that the new iPad Air 3 will have the new side smart connector, which  would make it great to use with smart keyboards. Could we see an updated camera and finally - flash for the iPad Air 3? Gosh, I hope so. As silly as it may seem, I actually use my iPad Air for video and pictures, so I would love to see a new camera upgrade and flash.

Now, I have heard or read nothing pertaining to an iPod refresh, not really surprised on that front. Nor am I surprised with rumors across many Apple related sites that are claiming no new Apple Watch, but instead new types of Watch bands. This makes sense to me, I feel like the Apple watch is still in a good place and does not need to be refreshed every year. Mostly because I just got mine lol. The Apple Watch bands rumored are: a space grey milanese loop woot! NATO style nylon bands and new sports band colors. Super cool, however - I have been getting pocket shock from the official Apple Watch band prices and have been buying and reviewing 3rd party bands that are similar to what apple has to offer, at a much more affordable price. To see and learn more click here.

All in all, this March event will be awesome because it is an Apple event. I personally love watching Apple events and seeing what they are working on or announcing. Maybe we will see iOS 9.3 during the event. One final note, it's rumored that the new products to be announced at the Tuesday, March 15th event will be available the following Friday on March 18th rather than a week or two later.