How Much Storage We Recommend For iPhone.

There are so many different options when it comes to iPhones, more now than ever before.  Some of these options include color, physical size and of course the storage space. A Lot of people have asked Trisha and I what size should we get and what the heck is a gigabyte(GB)? Let's start with what gigabytes are.


I don't want to get to crazy about this, I want you understand the basics. Gigabytes are a unit of measurement that measures disk or storage space in a computing device, in our case an iPhone or other iOS product. The abbreviation for gigabyte is GB, so if you are looking at say an iPad and you see it says 64GB, that means 64 gigabytes of storage space.


Now, when looking at storage we need to think about a few different things like what will we be storing on our device? How many apps, songs pictures or video do we want to keep on our device at one time? This can be hard to answer if you are a new user. That's why Trisha and I commonly recommend 64GB. It's the size I currently use on my devices, and I feel it's the sweet spot for storage size. Let me show it to you this way:


•1GB is about 200 songs OR 250 quality 10 megapixel photos



•Some HD (1080p) videos are 1 GB each

•The average app size while I am writing this is 23 MB ( Megabytes ) and there are 1024MB in 1GB.  This means about 45 averaged sized apps.

These screen shots show where a lot of my storage is being used.


Photos songs and videos will be taking up a good amount of space not to mention email messages and other data.


We can cut down on the storage used by using Apple's Photo iCloud storage or by using an app like Google Photos, Flickr, Facebook Dropbox PogoPlug, the list goes on. Having pictures and other data in the cloud or stored on a server somewhere is great, but sometimes you just want to have the data pictures or video right on your device. That's why the 64GB is my recommendation.


Yes having the larger storage size costs a little more but it's worth it when you want to have more room for apps, games, pictures, music, podcasts,  imessages, video and other data. I currently have a 64GB iPhone right now I am using a good amount of my space. I have 4GB left on my phone right now! This includes 122 apps, 50 songs, 48 videos, and 450 photos. Keep in mind though, a lot of my videos are 10 to 20 minutes long and I have other forms of data like podcasts eating up space. The videos and photos are taking up most of the space and I will be cleaning a lot of that stuff out after I finish this post.


Let’s look at another iPhone.  Trish has the 128GB, and has used 37GB so far.  She had 59 songs, 52 videos, 1589 photos and 155 apps.  


There is no way neither her nor I could begin to use the 16GB iPhone, even with cloud storage, Apple Music and other store saving techniques.  However, the 128 seems to be a too much space.  Trish wanted it just incase and so she could have more storage on hand, but like I said before, 64GB is the storage sweet spot.


I have recommended this storage size to many people and they have agreed.  Not only is this middle of the road in storage size, it is the middle of the road price wise as well.  This phone gives you plenty of flexibility with how you will manage and use your device's storage. It is possible to run 16 GB iPhone, but I find it to be too much work to manage. For a little extra we can just use our devices to make our lives easier  without having to over micromanage, and the 64GB iPhone does just that.